Paris . . . Forever

Some highlights on my last stay in Paris . . .


Emile and Guillaume











And, my last blog post for a while. Not sure when I will return. But, WordPress is charging to blog it appears. So, for now, please visit my my instagram: swatters and my tumblr: That Window in Harlem until I figure this out. To those who have supported me here these past several years thank you.  I love sharing my work/experiences.





So, here we are again. New York Fashion is in full swing with castings and such. And, this year proved to be quite a task for me involving show cards for the SS 2015 New York Fashion Week. In connection with John Tan, casting director extraordinaire, we collaborated on shooting the show cards for One.1 Men Model Management’s very first show card package. Mr. Tan shot the front of card with his off beat albeit iconic off camera flash for the front of card. Whereas I shot the back of the card. As most of my shoots, I pull clothes, style a minimum of 3 looks, coif hair (cut if I have to), shoot and fully edit each guy 100% alone sans help from an assistant, stylist, lighting director or retoucher. So, shooting 23 guys in one week was the craziest job that I agreed to do. Within the mix, I shot a couple of guys for Adam Models and Ford to boot.

Well worth the time and effort with absolutely no regrets. I wish all of the agencies and young men that I worked with all of the success for this upcoming week and beyond. Thanks to Allen (One), Carmelo (Click) and Jesse (Ford) for their belief in my work and efforts. And, all the folks who helped me gather clothing. And, my friend and fellow photographer, Ethan James (not the skinny model/photographer) for the late night Skype sessions to keep me awake to edit.  Happy Hump Day.

Charley Chuck Fede Filip Francesco Gabriel Henrique Jordan Krit Marc L Marinus Ollie Reece Selle Stefan Stijn Sven  VitanRENE



The Wild Cards:




03_Matthew_Young_ 14_Mikhail_Dorfman_ 27_Evan_Z_ Dakota



Thank God It’s Friday: Mikhail D



Check out my day with Mikhail Dorfman (Adam Models) on the latest from Peter, Tom & Dave. With the assistance of  Dhaniel Dhoud of Redken, I transformed Mikhail into a 70’s bloke in a stroke of a good blow dry and hair flip.IMG_5254_w

It went from rain to sun in seconds. The color temperature was killing me as I shot primarily in color. But, alas, MD ‘carried on’ in the streets of Harlem.


Thanks to Mikhail and Dhaniel, of course. Thanks to Jonathon and Chloe for getting Mikhail to me. But, a special thanks to Lucas Pardo of Peter, Tom & Dave for running these images on his site.

Happy Friday.

Thank God It’s Friday: Adam and The Steps

It’s spring time. So, it is warm enough for the steps. I LOVE this location. And, I shot an incredible model to boot: Adam Kaszewski (Adam Models). He is the one to beat for the year so far.

Adam K

Thanks Jonathon for setting this up. Amazing guy; And, an amazing way to start the weekend. Happy Friday. And, TGIF.