Portrait: Scocozza

IMG_9022.jpgOld school rock’n roll is Mike Scocozza_Sleek/chic, reckless and a lady’s man.


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Vanity Teen: Adam Raifsnider

Check out my latest ouevre up on the current Vanity Teen online featuring Adam Raifsnider and the lush designs of new designer Carlton Jones along with some Zegna, Miu Miu and H&M where uptown meets downtown fashion.


Dream On! Thanks to Carlton Jones and Toni Perez (Vanity Teen). And, a special thanks to Adam. To see more, check it out here:



32 Portraits

Good Morning All,

I spent two days shooting two of the brightest new stars on the fashion scene. Both are with Fusion Models here in NYC. Both are fresh to the scene and stunning in beauty and personality.

Fashionably Male, a great purveyor of all things in men’s fashion, posted 32 portraits of both Miles Montierth and Tres Wuerffel. Here are a few outtakes. But, please visit to see more. A pretty cool post. Follow of these on Instagram too.

Miles Montierth: Iammiles_

Tres:  tres.w

Fashionably Male: fashionablymale





That Window in Harlem: Cameron K


One of the funniest albeit sexiest men that I have ever shot: Cameron Keesling (Fusion Models/Specimen) from the documentary ‘The Unglamorous: The Naked Truth of Male Models’, has graced my lens with his unadulterated beauty. You really have to watch his feature in this documentary. It is MUST see tv. I had the opportunity to shoot him for some fashion portraits a few months ago. But, he also posed nude for my window series. There were several outstanding images needless to say. But, this was by far one of my favorites. To see more of Cameron and others, please visit my tumblr called That Window in Harlem.


Happy Tuesday.

Thank God It’s Friday: Adam Caldera



I never get enough of shooting my friend and model Adam Caldera (Ford). This past week we shot for a swimwear line called Arugam-Bay. Arugam-Bay is based in Sri Lanka. And, they specialize in more resort swimwear for men and women.ADAM 2


I was hired to re-imagine their current line using Adam as he is their current spokesperson. We went with a sexier approach (imagine that). I wanted to share a few images that will be used in their upcoming advertisements.AdamCC2A great day. An early early early day. But, a great day of shooting nonetheless. Check out  more of Arugam-Bay here: Arugam-Bay


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Happy Friday . . . Happy Pride