Editorial Feature: Summer’s Last Dance

Howdy Guys,


I am closing out September with a cover feature in the current online issue of Vulkan Magazine. Check it out. It is nice send off from the Summer to Fall featuring the cool stylings of Carlton Jones and the chiseled face/body of Tres Wuerffel (Fusion Models).

Check here: Summer’s Last Dance in Vulkan Magazine


Thank God It’s Friday: Adam Caldera



I never get enough of shooting my friend and model Adam Caldera (Ford). This past week we shot for a swimwear line called Arugam-Bay. Arugam-Bay is based in Sri Lanka. And, they specialize in more resort swimwear for men and women.ADAM 2


I was hired to re-imagine their current line using Adam as he is their current spokesperson. We went with a sexier approach (imagine that). I wanted to share a few images that will be used in their upcoming advertisements.AdamCC2A great day. An early early early day. But, a great day of shooting nonetheless. Check out  more of Arugam-Bay here: Arugam-Bay


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Happy Friday . . . Happy Pride

Portrait: Ryan Allan


Hailing from Delaware, Ryan Allan (Ford Models) is the type of model that I grew up seeing: Uber masculine and undeniably a man. RB AHe is soft spoken with a dry sense of humor that was only outmatched by that amiable personality, face and that body . . . Did I mention his body? RB DCheck out our day in the waterfalls and sand. It might have been the earliest that I have ever gotten up in my life. But, well worth the travel.RB E To see more of Ryan, check out Ford Models.


 Happy Tuesday.

Evening Snack: Allen Lovell

allen 1


By way of South Africa, Allen Lovell has landed on American soil ready to take over. allen 2Newly signed to Adam NYC, Allen spends a Sunday afternoon with me in Harlem. Thanks to Mr. Rick Day for the introduction. And, congrats to you Allen.


allen 3


Check him out at Adam and book him NOW . . . . more to follow. So stay tuned.