Drive-By: Miles



Miles_18_6’3″_Utah_Music Producer of Electronica since he was 14_Fusion Models


Thanks and Happy Birthday Mr. Wil Hill for sending Miles my way. And, Happy Birthday America.


By the window with . . . Daniel Molitor


This past week has been busy in the old Harlem Studio and abroad. Many upcoming editorials about to hit the newsstands via internet and, well, actual newsstands. Also, I got to work with some, ┬ánew-to-me, AMAZING talent from models to stylists to make-up artists. It has been a blessed week. Among the fray of great experiences lies a young new model by the name of Daniel Molitor (Major). Sweet, quiet, and polite, Daniel’s beauty sneaks up on you. It was a nice way to spend my rainy Sunday morning. And, did I mention that Daniel is a musician too? We had great music all morning.

Thanks Daniel. And, thanks Earnest for sending him my way. A fitting way to start off my week, nice, quiet and filled with beauty. Happy Monday Everybody.