Men with ink

Portrait: Cameron Keesling

Long haired beauty from Georgia with the sweetest/kindest demeanor wrapped in all 6’3″ of pure raw sexual energy . . . . Cameron Keesling




Throwback Thursday: Mario Adrion


I love me some waterfalls. And, last summer, I went a bit bananas. This shoot marks the downward spiral of my lovely Canon 5D Mk II. We shot in the waterfall. And, two weeks later, I was knocked over by a wave in Fire Island.

BUT . . .



that didn’t stop me from getting some pretty dope shots of Mr. Adrion. Playful, beautiful and a great model to shoot. Enjoy. Happy Throwback Thursday.

3 Portraits; 1 Night_Jus d’Orange

King 1_ATonight’s ‘3 Portrait;1 Night’ challenge ¬†with 3 fully styled looks in 20 minutes or less: Zach aka Jus d’Orange


King 3


King 5

King 6