Portrait: Cameron Keesling

Long haired beauty from Georgia with the sweetest/kindest demeanor wrapped in all 6’3″ of pure raw sexual energy . . . . Cameron Keesling




Throwback Thursday: Jullien Herrera

Throwing Back to 2011








Dat Face_Those Lips_That Body . . . . Mr. Herrera (RE:Quest) from an outtake from Coitus Magazine a few years back. He is the mouth of my blog too. Look up.  Happy Thursday indeed.

Drive-By: Tommie C



Mr.CrossA drive by to end all drive bys, Mr. Tommie Cross (Major) fellow neighbor and fellow trouble maker and epitome of a working commercial model, books it all. He is the guy in your Sunday circulars; Starbucks; Jack Threads; E-Commerce; Box of Twinkies (ok, I made that one up). But, he is the ONE to beat. An actual working every day model.


We shot some very quick portraits. Eyes, Lips, Body and that hair. Happy Tuesday Trannies.

Throwback Thursdays: Deric Mickens

Mr Mickens_rsThe Black Man’s answer to Chad White is what I used to say about Deric. Power, Sex Appeal and street cred wrapped into those steely eyes and strong jawbone. Genetics at its highest. Only to be outdone by his genuine midwestern good boy charm. One of the NICEST people that I have ever met/shot. We shot a lot back in the day. This set today is from our very last shoot. He was so confident and determined. And, that hard work has paid off. Deric is now with Soul Artist Management. Check him out. He is my Throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursdays: Jullien Herrera



Valentine’s Day can’t be complete without the prerequisite red. I am wearing it as I type this (A red turtleneck sweater cozy). This shot is an outtake from my editorial for Coitus Magazine a few years back. There were several guys featured but Mr. Herrera reigned supreme from what I remember. Show him some love by stalking his Facebook page. He just loves stalkers.


Happy Valentine’s Day. And, remember that love comes every day without chocolate, cards and gifts . . . but damn, it sure is nice to get all of that. Viva Love. Viva Trannies.