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Vanity Teen: Adam Raifsnider

Check out my latest ouevre up on the current Vanity Teen online featuring Adam Raifsnider and the lush designs of new designer Carlton Jones along with some Zegna, Miu Miu and H&M where uptown meets downtown fashion.


Dream On! Thanks to Carlton Jones and Toni Perez (Vanity Teen). And, a special thanks to Adam. To see more, check it out here:




Where is your God?

Konstantin wearing Carlton J. Jones activewear . . . .follow follow. Where is Your God? Well, that is the question. BUT, it happens to be Konstantin’s instagram handle too.


Happy Hump Day. And, follow follow.

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Throwback Thursday: The Future


Throwing it Back to the Fall of 2013, I was booked by Dutch Stylist and friend Ekaterina Razgonova to shoot a women’s editorial for PUP Magazine out of Amsterdam. We did a Blade Runner theme to illustrate the future of fashion. If you know my work, you know that I am primarily a black/white portrait photographer. However, this was one instance where I wanted the story to be in color. But, the editors wanted black/white. The shot below was one of the outtakes never used. NOTHING beats natural light. IMG_8242.jpg