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Dreaming of Paris . . . #TGIF #JonathanHaecki


And, How was your week?

My past week at the Harlem Studio in pictures . . . .



Gio Durante_One.1 Men


Jacob Burton_Wilhelmina


Evan Wolff_One.1 Men


Daniel Cooper_Adam

Giving you the finger for the weekend . . .

Go use your imagination and create. And, oh yeah, eat some Nutella too!!!


Here’s to the weekend.

Have a great one!!!.

P.S. That dirty FINGER belongs to Mias van der Westhuyzen. You can just smell that nuttiness, right? Viva Nutella.

Thank God It’s Friday: Adam Caldera



I never get enough of shooting my friend and model Adam Caldera (Ford). This past week we shot for a swimwear line called Arugam-Bay. Arugam-Bay is based in Sri Lanka. And, they specialize in more resort swimwear for men and women.ADAM 2


I was hired to re-imagine their current line using Adam as he is their current spokesperson. We went with a sexier approach (imagine that). I wanted to share a few images that will be used in their upcoming advertisements.AdamCC2A great day. An early early early day. But, a great day of shooting nonetheless. Check out  more of Arugam-Bay here: Arugam-Bay


And, please follow me and Adam (Ford Models) on Instagram too.


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Adam Caldera Instagram


Happy Friday . . . Happy Pride

Thank God It’s Friday: Rob M

R Mull

Hails from San Francisco_6’3″_In the game for only 8 months_Old School Model with a REAL Man’s body


More to follow . . . .

Happy Friday; And, Thank God too (everyday).