This Past Week in Photos . . .

Yes, another busy week of go sees, test shoots and preps for my next editorial shoot. Here are some of the best men that I saw this past week. Check them out. Benin2Ben Adams (ADAM); Instagram: BENJAMESADAMS

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.21.01 AMStefano Berretti (ADAM); Instagram: stefano_berretti


Preston Riggs (ADAM); Instagram: PRESTONRIGGS

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.24.20 AMThe Men from ONE: Konstantin and Bruno;Instagram: KONSTANTIN_TIMM & BRUNOENDLER1


Throwback Thursday: Tristan Burnett


Throwing Back to 2012_Tristan Burnett_6’1″_Australian_Studying to be a doctor.

Can you IMAGINE if your doctor looked like this? Shazaam!!!  Happy Thursday Trannies. Take a moment for yourself to smile and laugh. It’s the best medicine.

They Came; They Saw; They left: The Castings Sessions

Castings; Go Sees and Drive-bys, one by one, they came; they saw; and, they left. Hopefully, to book a show, campaign, editorial, e-com or all of the above. But, either way, I saw them first or in between. Take a look at some of the world’s edgiest models that served me some face.

Happy Tuesday.

IMG_0378Eyal_Wilhelmina Direct


IMG_1331Nicolas_Wilhelmina Direct

IMG_2061James_RED NYC



IMG_2203Lucas_NY Models

IMG_2306Jordy_NY Models


IMG_2904Alexander_RED NYC

IMG_2956Moses_RED NYC





From this to this . . . .

TheTransformation(Meng Meng Wei_Fusion)


These two images are natural light tests from my editorial in the current PUP Magazine out of Amsterdam. Thanks LaMar (make-up) and Kanako (Kanako) for doing ‘yo thang’. I am starting the week off with some great work from very talented individuals. (Great styling by Ekaterina Razgonova to boot).


Check out more of my work on website: http://www.seanpwatters.com & http://www.models.com/people/Sean-Patrick-Watters


Happy Monday Trannies!!!