Month: March 2016

Throwback Thursday: Deric Mickens

Nothing like making a discovery . . . I had accidentally saved Deric’s photos within another model’s portfolio. And, for years,  I thought that I had some how deleted this shoot. But, I found these portraits of what might be one of the most beautiful men on this planet: Mr. Deric Mickens (Soul Artist Management). Follow him on Instagram: DericMickens

Happy Thursday indeed.


IMG_7654 3IMG_7668 3IMG_7710 3_CR


3 Portraits; 1 Night_Jus d’Orange

King 1_ATonight’s ‘3 Portrait;1 Night’ challenge  with 3 fully styled looks in 20 minutes or less: Zach aka Jus d’Orange


King 3


King 5

King 6



3 Portraits; One Night_Jacopo



Hello Trannies. It has been a struggle trying to maintain my life, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat AND my blog. All are a breeze save for Snapchat. I give up. However, I LOVE me some Instagram. But, I can’t espouse too much. People are just their for the likes. So, my pledge of allegiance to myself was to keep up on my blog. It has been DIFFICULT. But, I decided to come up with a bit of a challenge to myself. I am calling it 3 portraits; One Night. I will have someone come over and we just riff on clothing or nudes or sleep. And, I will shoot 3 different set ups not lasting more than 20 minutes in total. We get what we get. No RE-DOs/REshoots.

So, who better to start off this little project? My current obsession: Jacopo Olmo (MSA Models). Italy has never looked better. Thanks J for allowing me to shoot what I want to shoot without being vulgar or disrespectful. Post/Tumble away. Just credit the Photographer/Model/Agency too.


Happy Tuesday Morning


Portrait Feature: Behind the Blinds Magazine

August G

Check out my latest portrait feature in the current Behind the Blinds Magazine. It is a lovely interview with platinum blonde sensation August Gonet of Fusion Models NYC.

August G_1

Interviewer Remy Russoto asked August a range of questions from ‘Do you surf’ to ‘what are you wearing now’. It is a fun and random interview all in one breath. Take a look and read:


Enjoy and Happy Thursday: