Happy New Year 2016

Okay, it has been 13 days into the New Year. And, I haven’t made a blog post since November 2015. I used to LIVE for making blog posts. And, then, I started to think: Are blogs still relevant?

Well, I think so. In my case, I have become distracted by the ease of Instagram. And, I have been letting the photos speak for themselves. Well, I think in some cases that’s a good idea. But, I feel that my blog can connect me to my audience (even the quick curiosity seeker). So, here we are January 13, 2016. I rolled into the new year with a great past 2015 that saw two photo exhibitions and a bucket list trip to Egypt. And, I made several life long friends along the way. And, I crave and NEED more.

So, I raise my glass of tea leaves to say let’s rock it out this year with new work and vision for 2016. Happy New Year!!!


Buss in 2

My first official fashion shoot of 2016 featuring the styling work of Andre Adkins musing on the every beautiful Nicolas Buss (MSA Models).  Thanks Guys. More to follow.

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