EDITORIAL FEATURE: In the fields of Love (World Bride Magazine)


One of my latest and most unlikely assignments of late has been working for a fantastic new magazine called World Bride Magazine. Yes, a bridal magazine. When one thinks of bridal, you never think of men. But, this magazine is ushering in a new way of looking at holy matrimony. It has been refreshing for me as a photographer to illustrate my brand of photography with bridal fashion.

Here are a couple of outtakes from our current issue for the Summer/Fall issue. We shot Ukrainian model Konstantin Vasiliev (Adam Models/Daman Management) out at the Marinepark Salt Marsh (one of the best locations EVER by the way); Styled by Fashion Editor Carlton J. Jones. The magazine’s approach isn’t ONLY focused on the wedding day itself. But, also, an adult/fresh take on evening wear that one might wear out to celebrate the engagement with mates; anniversary celebrations; or, what one might wear to propose.

Curated by celebrity manicurist Myrdith Leon-McCormack (Editor in Chief), WBM can be found on most newsstands in New York City and throughout the world. To see more of my editorial along with many other exciting stories, check them out at your nearest bookstore and/or online.


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