Month: January 2015

Throwback Thursday: Tristan Burnett


Throwing Back to 2012_Tristan Burnett_6’1″_Australian_Studying to be a doctor.

Can you IMAGINE if your doctor looked like this? Shazaam!!!  Happy Thursday Trannies. Take a moment for yourself to smile and laugh. It’s the best medicine.


They Came; They Saw; They left: The Castings Sessions

Castings; Go Sees and Drive-bys, one by one, they came; they saw; and, they left. Hopefully, to book a show, campaign, editorial, e-com or all of the above. But, either way, I saw them first or in between. Take a look at some of the world’s edgiest models that served me some face.

Happy Tuesday.

IMG_0378Eyal_Wilhelmina Direct


IMG_1331Nicolas_Wilhelmina Direct

IMG_2061James_RED NYC



IMG_2203Lucas_NY Models

IMG_2306Jordy_NY Models


IMG_2904Alexander_RED NYC

IMG_2956Moses_RED NYC



Happy New Year . . . . 13 Days Later

The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-1Happy New Year. I have been remiss in posting frequently. So, here I am trannies!!!  I wanted to start the year off with my first editorial featuring James Mitchell for iMute Magazine wearing the exclusive designs of Giovanni Cattaleya. Make-up/Hair and Creative Direction was by Sandra Fearon using only MAC products to design James’ elaborate look. Thanks Sandra!!!The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-2 The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-3 The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-4


Check out my editorial. And, follow me on instagram: SWATTERS and my Tumblr: That Window In Harlem.

The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-5 The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-6 The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-7 The NightCrawler webitorial for iMute Magazine-10

Thanks!!! And, A Very Happy Beginning to 2015!! To see a few more images, head over to iMute Magazine.