Portrait Feature: L’Officiel Italia with Rodrigo Otazu


Finally, some hard work is paying off. I was asked to shoot a portrait of my friend jewelry designer, Rodrigo Otazu, for his interview for L’Officiel Italia. We had to find a spot that the magazine deemed to be ‘iconic NYC’. There are many locales needless to say. But, nothing beats the Brooklyn Bridge in my mind.


I have lived in NYC for 20 years. And, that day was the very first day that I have EVER stepped one on foot on that bridge. I know I know. It was a great overcast day just the way I love shooting. The Gods were aligned. I just had to dodge bikes and baby strollers. Yikes.

So, here is a toast to Rodrigo who always expands my horizons. Thanks sooooo very much for your UNTIRING belief in my work. And, thanks to Carlton Jones for introducing us too. And, finally, thanks to L’Officiel for allowing a newbie to enter their gates.

Check out the entire interview on Rodrigo here: L’Officiel Italia


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