Month: June 2014

Thank God It’s Friday: Adam Caldera



I never get enough of shooting my friend and model Adam Caldera (Ford). This past week we shot for a swimwear line called Arugam-Bay. Arugam-Bay is based in Sri Lanka. And, they specialize in more resort swimwear for men and women.ADAM 2


I was hired to re-imagine their current line using Adam as he is their current spokesperson. We went with a sexier approach (imagine that). I wanted to share a few images that will be used in their upcoming advertisements.AdamCC2A great day. An early early early day. But, a great day of shooting nonetheless. Check out  more of Arugam-Bay here: Arugam-Bay


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Happy Friday . . . Happy Pride


Portrait: Aaron Jessee


aj 1

Aaron Jessee, professional surfer,  does a drive-by this past weekend at the Harlem Studio. Glowing skin, crystal blue eyes, the sunniest of smiles and, oh yeah, that blonde dreaded afro. Needless to say, shooting him outdoors was quite the scene. The kids at Fusion Model Management have cooked up an awesome plan about repping superstars outside of modeling. Take a look at their board to see what is popping off.

aj 2

Thanks Tay Tay for setting this one up.


And, to see more of Aaron Jessee in action. Check this out:


He is AMAZING!!!

Happy Tuesday Trannies.

Throwback Thursday: Anthony Knisely

tonyThrowing it Back to 2011, I shot Tony Knisely for the very first issue of issue of Yearbook Fanzine (formerly called Pin-Up Boys). Exotic looks with that long flowing mane, Tony was straight out of the midwest. He didn’t model much longer after this photo was taken. After a couple of campaigns for Montcler and Parasuco Jeans, Tony left NYC; And, now, lives the ‘normal’ life. Wish that he would return to the scene.


Happy Thursday Trannies!


GIF Wednesdays: There Goes The Neighborhood



For Gif Wednesdays, I decided to feature my latest and greatest editorial for Jon Magazine. Here are some of the shots that were featured in the magazine. And, of course, the cutting room floor shots that were never used. I am always bummed when there is a shot of some really cool clothes not used. BUT, they always find a home somehow. And, this gives you some insight of how many shots that I use for one set up.



But, thinking back, it was an incredible day. We shot in Jersey City in several locations. And, the weather was HOT and wide open sun. Not a favorite of mine to shoot weather wise.  But, we had the home base of the very talented Coco Bennett (make-up artist). Thanks a million. And, our creative director/stylist Mr. Rudy Reed. Endless options and forward thinking ideas. Check out more of Rudy’s work here: Fashion Forward Men.





And, the amazing talent that I got to spend the day shooting: Chris Bunn (IMG), Brendon Beck (Fusion), Mikhail Dorfman (ADAM), Michael Markiewicz (Wilhelmina) and Dakota Taylor (Click). They brought the character and kept the day moving. Thanks so much. And, of course, Marc Massa, my assistant; And, Cedric Antonio, Rudy’s assistant. Marc and Cedric, we couldn’t have made the day without you. And, finally, thanks to Stephen Conway at Jon and to all of the bookers who trusted my vision. Please visit Jon Magazine to see more of my work in this issue.



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Portrait: Kevin Baker in Harlem




The Muse of Steven Klein and Tony Duran paid me a visit yesterday.  Kevin Baker (ONE) brought that chiseled face and body to Harlem for a sun filled and colorful shoot. Days like this make me happy to be alive and living in NYC. The weather was perfect as well the company. More to follow . . .


Happy Monday