Throwback Thursday: Shag Me


Picture 016

Once upon time, when I first started to shoot, I had the clever idea of shooting a ‘coffee table book’. Oh yeah. I, too, fell into the silly idea that without much photography training/experience/no name/gravitas in the industry that I was WORTHY of shooting a coffee table book. And, EVERYONE needed to see it. Funny how time changes your perspective on these things, right? Picture 569bAnd, I am about 15 years away of ever THINKING about a coffee table book.Picture 354a


Back to the book.  The title of my oeuvre was to be called SHAG ME.  My idea was to shoot a bunch of male models nude on the same shag carpet over a period of a year. Seemed great. Guys lined up. I came up with a concept on the spot for each guy. Picture 526What the experience taught me was how to figure out someone’s personality to manipulate the shots that I needed in short period of time. Also, it taught me patience.IMG_6323  Add to that, NEVER use a WHITE shag carpet for more than 2 uses. But, later, what it taught me was to stay the course of my dream, learn from EVERYONE (even if you don’t like them), and keep my mouth shut about shit that is none of my business . . . . Well, I am still working on that last one.Picture 428


These images date back to late 2005/2006. Some are fun but never raunchy. Just wanted to share a bit more of my work and what it means to me.  Enjoy. And, Happy Thursday.



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