Month: May 2014

Thank God It’s Friday: Aurelien


Aurelien Muller (One Men) DEFINITELY, TGIF

Happy Friday Trannies


Editorial Feature: The Paper Boy (Fucking Young)



The-Paper-Boy_fy11Check out my latest editorial featuring the cool designs of Martin Keehn and Salvatore Ferragamo among others in the current Fucking Young Magazine. I shot new face Mikhail Dorfman of Adam NYC for my take on “The Paper Boy”. Here are a few images below:

The-Paper-Boy_fy2 The-Paper-Boy_fy6 The-Paper-Boy_fy10

To see more of The Paper Boy, go to Fucking Young. You’ll be glad that you did (in my country Kentucky accent).  Thanks to Michael Stallings for his styling expertise. And, Mikhail for being an incredible morphing fool. He just can’t stop. And, thanks to Jonathon (Mikhail’s booker) for sending him my way. and, finally, thanks to Adriano and the Fucking Young staff for seeing my vision. Kudos.


Happy Hump Day Trannies (Sorry Carmen).

Thank God It’s Friday: Fabian



Nothing like reconnecting with an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while. I was treated to a day with Fabian Pfenninger (I Love Models).  And, of course, we HAD to do a Drive-by at that “Window in Harlem” along with an outdoor striptease (My poor neighbors).  Fabian is one sexy ginger with the craziest Swiss/German accent right out of Saturday Night Live that you have ever heard. A great day; Great catching up too. And, also,  a great way to head out into the weekend. Happy Friday. And, Happy Memorial Day . . . . trannies (I am not a transphobe . . . . just so you know).

Fucking Young_Online Edition: Jacob

I hate to use the word MUSE. But, I am not sure what else to call Jacob Morton (other than friend of course). Constantly inspiring me to shoot at higher heights and telling a story in a different way photographically, he gets me. But, by permission of CW Talent (Jacob’s Mother Agent and also repped by DNA),  we are allowed to soar the skies of creativity. Check out our latest endeavour for Fucking Young (their online edition): FUCKING YOUNG


Here is a sneak peek

jacobededed_fy1 jacobededed_fy2 jacobededed_fy7 jacobededed_fy8

Thanks to stylist, Ekaterina Razgonova as always bring the A game. And, big ups to Jacobbler. I need to see at one more campaign this year Jacob. And, finally, thanks Adriano for believing in our work.


 Happy Monday. Make the day count.