Editorial Feature: Jon Magazine


01 Capture


As I  ‘sneak peeked’ last week, the newest issue of Jon Magazine, lovingly called the ‘Hay’ issue, features my portrait essay on Dustin Kime (RED). Kime is a country boy at heart. And, this was the ‘Hay’ issue. So, instead of making the story so literal about hay, we decided to make the story semi-biographical about his Southern roots. So, we revisted the time of when we first met. Dustin had just  moved here from Florida where he was a successful teen model. The transition to NYC was tough. No money, no cell phones, no place to call his own and basically couch surfing, Dustin was lost. And, his girlfriend at that time, who he loved and missed, wasn’t supportive of the move. And, oh yeah, he was surrounded by hot ‘willing’ women all the time. So, he was constantly struggling to stay faithful. Great times, right? So, I wanted to capture that moment because most of us have experienced that demoralizing transition from home to NYC.



02 Capture




The story was toned down for the magazine.  In fact, the original story title was called ‘Sweet Pussy Lara’. A lovely reference to Lara Stone. She was the ‘go to’ when he was ‘lonely’.  It was less a fashion editorial and more of a detailed account of his struggles. It really pushed the envelope. And, Dustin gave me full access to his lonely nights from wondering aimlessly alone in his solitude to his overwhelming sexual desire to be with his woman but not being able to do anything about it.  Perhaps, I should publish the out takes. As prurient as it might come across, it was that lonely place where you struggle with what you tell your lover but what really is going on in your mind.  It was difficult to capture it photographically without it being called porn or excessive maybe. But, it was honest.


05 Capture

To see the full editorial, you will have to buy the current issue of Jon Magazine. Jon can be found on most newsstands or by mail order. Check it out: Jon Magazine.


Thanks to Stephen Conway of Jon Magazine and Dustin Kime for his trust in allowing me to revisit some tough times that he had back then.  Happy Tuesday.






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