Throwback Thursday 2014: Eric Thai



It is Throwback Thursday. And, I am throwing it back to Eric Thai (Ford). When I shot Eric, he had just started modeling but albeit with a different agency. This was back in 2010. Also, I had just started experimenting with daylight at my now popular window. I shoot a lot of men obviously. But, I really hadn’t shot a lot of ethnic models at this point. So, Eric was a test for me on many levels. If you haven’t seen him in person, you will not believe how truly beautiful that he is in person from head to toe. Just a classic beauty. And, an amazing personality to boot. I have posted the image on the left before. But, never the nude. This light was available for only 15 minutes. And, I remember us rushing to get a pose that worked. I got only a few frames and, then, the light changed. Spontaneity mixed with the available elements.


Thanks Eric. And, Happy New Year one more one.



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