Throwback Thursday: Conrad and Yoakim Noah

Conrad_YoakimLast Summer, I was shooting Conrad Bromfield (Ford) on the street minding my own business. And, low and behold, the tallest man that I have EVER seen in person, is being ganged up by 10 year olds screeching his name. And, sure enough, it was Yoakim Noah (The Chicago Bulls). The strangest yet albeit surreal moment was approaching Yoakim and watching how nervous he was with all of the attention. He was with no bodyguards or pussy posse. So, maybe that is why? Not sure. But, he was kind to those kids. And, extremely gracious to me and Conrad.

So, here is my Throwback Thursday salute. Thanks Yoakim. And, of course, Mr. Bromfield.

Happy Thursday.

P.S. Here is one more outtake of Conrad from our studio shoot.



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