Portrait: Joey Kirchner

Just a quick hello and update.  I have had a rough past week with no shooting at all. My camera to me is what cake is to a fat kid  . . . well, I guess cake is like that to me too come to think about it. But, at any rate, I have been GOING THROUGH IT!!!



We shall see what this week holds. But, here are a couple of shots from a few weeks ago of Joey Kirchner (Soul). I am not a fan of many. But, I met Joey when he was 16. He was with Vision Models (now called RED). He was the current face of Top Man at that time. Several years later, he is a bit older, of course, but, just as beautiful, striking and POLITE. So rare. So welcomed. I never really posted much on him. But, I thought it was worthy of a comeback to my blog and blog moment.

Happy Weekend.




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