Month: October 2013

Go Sees: The Halloween Edition

What to do to make you shiver for this Halloween? Well, see some exciting new portraits from my go sees with models from One Model Management. Yahooooooooo!!!!


Jon H





Thanks Allen Osborne for sending these  great models my way. Stay Tuned.


Portrait: Joey Kirchner

Just a quick hello and update.  I have had a rough past week with no shooting at all. My camera to me is what cake is to a fat kid  . . . well, I guess cake is like that to me too come to think about it. But, at any rate, I have been GOING THROUGH IT!!!



We shall see what this week holds. But, here are a couple of shots from a few weeks ago of Joey Kirchner (Soul). I am not a fan of many. But, I met Joey when he was 16. He was with Vision Models (now called RED). He was the current face of Top Man at that time. Several years later, he is a bit older, of course, but, just as beautiful, striking and POLITE. So rare. So welcomed. I never really posted much on him. But, I thought it was worthy of a comeback to my blog and blog moment.

Happy Weekend.



Thank God It’s Friday: Mark W

MarkMark Westinghouse (NY Models) ‘wearing’ a  Rodrigo Otazu crystal encrusted skull head. Some Fash’SKIN’ for this Friday’s edition of TGIF.  This was from  a spec submission from back in the day.

Sexy shot.  There was more. But, this was my fave. I love the look on his face.

Have an awesome weekend. Happy Friday.

Throwback Thursday: Editorials

The fighting temptations


Every once in a while, I like to revisit some old stuff that I shot. And, this is one of my very first editorials that I ever shot. This was featured in Fantastics Mag. Let’s just say that I have learned a lot since then.  Never listen to a stylist who wants to wig people with beautiful hair. EVER.  It just looks like a Colt 45 ad gone wrong. However, what I recall was that the girls were CARRYING on. They SERVED. Seriously.


This is a TRUE Throwback. Happy Thursday. I hope that I made a few of you smile while shaking your head.