Editorial Feature: Waiting for Never



So, this past summer (wow, this past summer), I have been shooting A LOT. More than ever, in fact. So, finally, some more of my work is starting to come out. Waiting for Never is my latest oeuvre featuring the imitable Judson Harmon (Fusion) in a new fashion/lifestyle magazine out of Canada called Accent Magazine. Accent_Harmon_3This marks Accent Magazine’s debut issue, I believe. Styled impeccably by Carlton Jones and groomed/make-up by Coco Bennett, we were going for that moment where you are just waiting for someone to step up to the plate in life and you are left  ‘waiting for never’ . . . it just never happens.

Accent Magazine is a print publication that is on newsstands in Canada. And, it will roll out stateside soon. Check out more on Accent’s website. Thanks to Danyl of Accent for this opportunity. And, of course, thanks to the team and Judson for an awesome day that ended in rain and then sunshine. Ughhhh.


And, to my very good friend, Kristopher for loaning me his BEAUTIFUL home to shoot this story. Happy Monday.


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