Month: July 2013


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21_DNA/U Model Management_South Side Chicago_Regal_Sky diving enthusiast_FACE for DAYS

Who said that a male Black Model had to be naked to be noticed? Wake up! There is a new order in town.


Summer Fridays . . . .

katherine_aaronWonder Twins  . . . Activate. If you are old enough to even know what that means, clap three times. Katherine (RED) and Aaron (Navy) having a moment. Happy Friday. And, hopefully, we will all find some happy ‘moments’ this weekend too.

Throwback Thursday Returns: Steven Keating



I have known Steven FOREVER. And, I never get tired of shooting that face. This is a rare glimpse of this kid’s incredibly shredded physique.  And, as the end of summer looms, I never tire of seeing a great body as motivation for my continuing efforts to stay slim. For those of you who know me personally, you can pick yourself off of the floor from fits of laughter.

But, this series came from an evening of Steven getting back on his modeling game after a brief hiatus. Needless to say, I think  mission accomplished.

At any rate, as I try to get back on track with my blog and social media updates, please, never forget our rights as citizens of America. And, continued prayers for Trayvon Martin and his family. Happy Thursday.

Evening Snack: Allen Lovell

allen 1


By way of South Africa, Allen Lovell has landed on American soil ready to take over. allen 2Newly signed to Adam NYC, Allen spends a Sunday afternoon with me in Harlem. Thanks to Mr. Rick Day for the introduction. And, congrats to you Allen.


allen 3


Check him out at Adam and book him NOW . . . . more to follow. So stay tuned.