Throwback Thursdays: Jacob Morton (The 1st Shoot)

jacob 1


So, I have been asked many times if I had favorites. Well, honestly, I don’t. However, if I had to pick, then, Jacob Morton (DNA) would be pretty damn close to my favorite to shoot.jacob 2 I have shot Jacob many times. And, I mean MANY MANY times. There is only one person who I have shot more (my best friend who happens to be a model too_SHOCKER). And, why do I like shooting him so much? Well, as you can see from my very first shoot of him (he was just 16), jacob 3he commands your attention in front of the camera. He morphs into whatever you want. And, only now, are other photographers really seeing this. Judging from his most current editorials, he looks different in almost everyone. Rare in male models. And, of late, I am not the only photographer who feels this way. jacob 4Mert and Marcus have the Morton bug too (as you will see in the upcoming months). So, congrats to Jacob who happens to be a friend as well as a muse for booking his first of what will be many campaigns. Jacob is my Throwback Thursday. Yahooooooooooooo.


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