Throwback Thursdays: Cody Callahan



I am not sure if it is because summer is upon us or what. But, I keep blogging peeps in states of undress. So, befitting for my mood, I was digging through the archives of one of the most amazing bodies that I have ever shot: Mr. Cody Callahan (LA Models). Now, mind you, I have featured Cody here before. But, these shots are some outtakes from our last shoot almost 2 years ago.


Arguably, one of the nicest and most professional models that I have ever shot. Body for days with no ego. I have to get him back out here. He has long hair now. If you can even imagine it.  He needs to be repped here in NYC. It is a crime.  Viva Cody! He is my Throwback Thursday contribution. To see more of Cody’s commercial work, check him out at LA Models.



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