Ryan Mertz


Ryan Mertz_FACE

I have been following this kid for a couple of years. And, finally, I had the pleasure of shooting one of the most beautiful faces this side of Hollywood. For those of you old enough, you will understand this reference. But, Ryan  Mertz (Soul Artist Management) hearkens the days of Tab Hunter. Ryan Mertz_in2Impossibly Coifed; Impossibly Handsome. Impossibly Hollywood.


So, my goal was to recreate some old school matinee idol with a bit of Margaret Howell simplicity mixed in. Polite and very kind, Ryan sat patiently as I tried to balance daylight mixed in with HMI lights.Ryan Mertz_repose It is an old Roversi technique that I wanted to try out. I kept the styling simple, masculine and slightly romantic.

Ryan Mertz_Flowers

For more on Ryan, check out Soul Artist Management’s website. Thanks Andrew for setting this up. It was an awesome way tospend my day.


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