Throwback Thursdays: Whats Wear Magazine


Oh, the many online magazines that have come and gone. But,  the now defunct Whats Wear Magazine was actually one of the best AND one of the first. A few years ago, I shot Aiden Andrews and Isaac Carew (both with Ford) for this magazine. All that I can say is WHAT WAS I THINKING!!????  Why the weaves?lostboys5 This shoot was when I decided that I would control EVERY single aspect of any shoot that my name was attached to it going forward. The concept seemed cool on paper. Let’s just say that I am in a good place now of looking at these images. Actually, they are not as bad as I thought at that time. But, babbbbbbbby, what was I THINKING???!!!!  Why so much make-up????


Hopefully, this will make some of you laugh. And, give the haters a few more jokes to throw around at my expense. We live; We learn. I digress.

Enjoy this extraordinarily beautiful sunny day today. Happy Thursday.


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