Throwback Thursdays: Louis Galloway

louisspeedoAt the time that these photos were taken, Louis Galloway (Fusion) was just shot out of a rocket with his NYC debut. He walked a bizillion shows and was shot by virtually everyone. Even The Fashionisto hailed him in their very first issue as a face to watch. And, here we are a few years later with short cropped hair, Louis is the current face of Vivienne Westwood and Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown along with countless editorials. The one thing that Louis and I had discussed at our shoot was the fact that no one knew that he had this amazing body. He doesn’t work out or diet. He just looks like this. Don’t you want to kill him? Ultimately, we never used the shots for anything. But, these two were my favorite from that day. Simple and about the boy.

Congrats to Louis. And, Happy Thursday to all. Louis is this weeks Throwback.


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