Throwback Thursdays: Rubin Singer and Rodrigo Otazu




A rare chance of circumstances led me to book my very first look book. A few years ago, Rubin Singer was putting together a look book that needed that ‘extra’ accent to push his concept over the top. He called none other than Rodrigo Otazu for just that push. It was magical. And, as I recall from that VERY late night shoot was that I knew then that I was in the midst of great talent. Now, fast forward a few years later, and, you will see that Rubin Singer is a staple on every red carpet in Hollywood (not to mention Beyonce’s go to guy for her Superbowl performance).

And, if you have noticed any video or public sighting of Lady Gaga (among many other notable celebs), she is usually dripping in Otazu jewels.

Stay posted for another collaboration coming soon. But, for now, take a look back at both designers for this week’s Throwback Thursday.


Check out both designers here: Rubin Singer and Rodrigo Otazu


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  1. “Making your LIFE is ultimately an extraordinary creative endeavor.”                    –Writer/Performer Anna Deavere-Smith    


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