Throwback Thursday: Andre Austin

One of the very first stylists that I had the pleasure of working with was Mr. Andre Austin. And, if you have ever met Andre, you will truly understand the word PRESENCE. One of the funniest and most creative talents that I have had the pleasure of working with. He went from styling a few test shoots for me to styling Gayle King for the Gayle King show to the BackStreet Boys to Kanye West and many other notable shows and campaigns. Andre gave me a strong sense of understanding textures and how to keep a man masculine even if he is sporting some ‘cunty’ clothing. So, thanks Andre. He is my Throwback Thursday phenom. P

Check out his most current work here: Andre Austin
Vision Trio

Picture 003




One comment

  1. I  love the last shot!

    “Making your LIFE is ultimately an extraordinary creative endeavor.”                    –Writer/Performer Anna Deavere-Smith    


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