Throwback Thursdays: The Men of Q Models (my very first test shoot)

So, for this week’s Throwback Thursday, I dug REALLY deep. I found my very first agency test shoot. I shot 3 models: Andrei, Felippe, and Pedro of Q Model Management (thanks Natalie). Those days were TOUGH. I had no money; no stylist; no vision; no studio; no . . . Well, you get my point.
Picture PackageA


So,  a friend of mine let me use his roof on this extraordinarily hot summer day. Here commenced my very first test shoot. Pretty funny looking back on this one. At the time, everyone thought that Andrei was the next best thing.  And, Felippe had just moved here. And, his English was limited. He was the last person that I shot. And, it was a night shoot on a roof with no barrier. Smart, huh?  Boy oh boy.

Picture Package


But, it was Pedro who went on to fame (and, a bit of infamy). For a while, he was known as Lance Bass’ bartender boyfriend. But, as fate would have it, Pedro cashed in on his infamy and has become a very respected TV host albeit for a ‘Cab’ TV show.

Picture PackageB


He hosts a ‘What to do’ in NYC entertainment show that only plays in taxi’s. He is quite funny and very entertaining. Who knew that this Brazilian beauty would go on to such notoriety. He was very nice and just STUNNING in person. I was such a f**king goof that day. Eek. I would like to think that I have come a long way from those days. I cringe looking at these photos. But, hey, we must start from somewhere.

Live; Learn; Love . . . yourself. Happy Thursday Trannie.


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