Month: February 2013

Throwback Thursdays: Jhanelle Castillo


As a follower to my blog, you might have seen male model Jhanelle Castillo (Major) on here a few times. He is truly a very good friend of mine. And, he has just started a brand new blog featuring himself. IMG_5453rsOh yeah. Nothing has changed about my little Mango. ME ME ME, he says. But, all jokes aside, he is a great guy from head to toe and everything in between from personality to spirit to mind to body. Please check him out and show him some love by visiting his site. And, please find the post that discusses his first time getting tea bagged. I swear people, I don’t make this up.

Happy Thursday.


Portrait: Michael Wozniak


Friend_Foe_Muse: Michael Wozniak (Ford). Still Talking shit; And, more importantly, still stunning. Never a bad shot. Ever. And, still killing it. I can’t walk through Macy’s without seeing that mug. Thanks Boy Wonder. And, thanks J for setting this up.

EDITORIAL FEATURE: Leisure Class (Fantastics Mag)


Check out my new cover story in the current Fantastics Mag. Here you will see a bit of Amsterdam from my view. am1aFeaturing two superb models: Ruben and Bart (both from Touche Models), we escape into the laziness of the day. We see Ruben and Bart relax and ease through this Spring’s am2current fashions. Assisted by the best of Amsterdam, Ekaterina Razgonova (styling and art direction) and Carlos Saidel (hair/make-up). To see this editorial in full, please visit Fantastics Mag.

Happy Friday!

P.S. My Team: Carlos and Ekaterina!!! Thank you guys so much. And, also, a special thank you to Werner of Touche Models.

My Team

Afternoon Delight: Eric



Take a little break and check out my new portrait. Nothing like shooting a simple daylight portrait. This time, I shot Eric Lo Bianco (RED Citizen). 6 Feet nothing and packing a punch . . . of personality.

Throwback Thursdays: Corey in Fantastics Mag




“A Walk on The Wild Side” was one of my very first editorials. And, boy was it a sexy one. I shot a dear friend of mine, Corey McDonald, for Fantastics Mag about 6 years ago. Funny to think that EVERYONE criticized me for shooting for an online magazine. Well, honestly, I wanted to get my name out there as a photographer. And, this just made sense. For sure, I might have shot this a bit differently. But, I guess that we must embrace our past to move forward. Right? Embrace; Embrace; Embrace.


Two important facts: this editorial marked the first time that I shot someone nude and the first time that I shot Ms. Linda (the fur coat). Now, catch it.