Another Day in Europe_Glamoholic Magazine


Starting off  the year with a Glamoholic bang, I present to you a short but lusty story of a young man who is awaiting his lover’s return. For my story of slumber, I had the pleasure of shooting Steve Van Ravesteijn (Touche Models) portrait style as my protagonist who yearns for a lover’s touch. Steve-Glamoholic-4The styling has more of a commercial feel to it. I think that this helps in making Steve’ character more accessible maybe. With a mix of high end and consumer level pieces, this minimalist approach to fashion works. Many thanks to Ekaterina Razgonova for her styling expertise.


Shot on location in Amsterdam, this marked my first editorial abroad (save for the portrait series that I shot in Paris AFTER this one).

Check out more here:

And, as always, please support print magazines. I love them all. But, I am an old timer.  Happy Wednesday.


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