Throwback Thursday: Sheryl Murakami


For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I took it BACK  to ‘back in the day’. In the very first days of my fledgling photography career (and, oh by the way, it is still fledgling), one of my very first assignments as a photographer was to shoot a then little known choreographer, Sheryl Murakami. Sheryl had just developed a new dance troupe that was performing at parties and clubs throughout the tri-state area. There were about 5 women from what I recall. But, Sheryl was the headliner. This woman TWIRLED. I mean, TWIRLED!!! So amazing to watch her.  She had these amazing classes at New York Sports Club and Broadway Dance Center. The classes were BEYOND packed. Now, fast forward 6 years later, Sheryl is now the principal choreographer of all of Beyonce’s tours, videos etc etc.(in addition to MANY other top performers too). Occasionally, you will see a revue that she headlines throughout NYC. She is a MUST. Seriously. Check her and her work here:


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