Month: December 2012

Last Drive-by of 2012: Joey and Franco


Joey and Franco_Drive-by

So, as you might have read on my blog, Franco Lo Presti is a very good friend of mine. AND, he surprised me today. I didn’t realize that this tranny was gonna be in NYC for New Years. And, so it goes, we did a DRIVE BY!!!! And, he brought with him his ‘bro’ Joey. DEEEE LICIOUS as Sue says on Glee. Happy New Years. And, a toast to more Drive-bys!!!!! (I know I know, I will retire that white Margiela shirt.)


Au Revoir 2012



I know that I say this every year. BUT, man, this year really zoomed by. And, with it, I had many accomplishments, some positive and some negative; but, I survived the crunch nonetheless. However, there was one person of MANY who really allowed me to understand that with focus and hardcore direction, mind over matter matters. This person is Matthew Walker. And, I couldn’t think of a better person to end my year of blogging.



I met Matthew in March. He was discovered by a masterful agent who saw that this diamond was rough and needed some polishing. Matthew heeded the advice. Left NYC and returned 4 months later. And, the rest is history. It wasn’t only his physical that had changed. It was his energy; his confidence; and, his drive. It was contagious. Without getting too personal, our chance meeting put a few things in my life in focus in regards to my health and weight issues. So, I was thinking of what to say to the world who comes and reads my blog on this last day of 2012. And, I remembered Matt, The Man from Down Under. His mantra is very simple. He found his rhythm. And, he stuck to it DILIGENTLY. Me too, I say. Me too.




Thanks to everyone who visited my work this past year. I appreciate it. And, I pray that I will continue to have something to say in 2013 too. Until tomorrow. But, for now, the clock is ticking . . . and, without Dick Clark for the 1st time in my life too.


P.S. And, who am I kidding. Matty Walker is CRAZY FINE.  He is a COUNTRY DREAM. Now, check out my favorite video of 2012. Check back tomorrow to see what my favorite shoot of 2012 was. BE SAFE TRANNIES.


Last shoot of 2012: Nick and Boris Madrid



If you are going to have a last shoot of the year, then, let it be with a beautiful model and his French Bulldog. Thank you Nick (Major/Specimen) for topping off a great end of the year (no pun intended). And, I loves me some Boris. So cute. They almost look alike, right? Not my last post BUT counting down to 2013.  Happy Holidays Trannies.

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to you, your family and loved ones. May God (or who/whatever you believe in) Blesses your world and brings the NEED to your life. As a tradition in the Watters Family, we celebrate at midnight. This Christmas, I was unable to be with my family back home. So, I am celebrating with my NY family who have been there when others haven’t. So, Jared THANK YOU for starting it off with me in Times Square at midnight.


No,  nothings stays PG with me for too long. Enjoy and God Bless.


And, as a blog tradition, here is this year’s Christmas song to get you through the day:

Thanks Atwater. This was truly a little gem that I had never heard.


Merry Christmas to Everyone. Especially, to my family. I will see you guys soon. Love Sean!

Clean them up before the holidays . . .

And, find them under your Xmas Tree. Three go sees from this past week. And, I had a quick turnaround on them. Clean up rather nicely don’t you think? We wish you a Merry Christmas . . .


Xavier (RED_Workbench)


Sean (VNY)


Patrick (RED_Workbench)

Throwback Thursday: Aiden Andrews



A name that resonates with every casting director globally. King of the runway: Aiden Andrews (Ford). Aiden is one of the first models who used to sit for me at times on end while I figured out my style back in the day. These early shots marked a turn in my placement of light. Nothing revolutionary mind you. But, it helped shape up a few ideas in my head. Happy Thursday Trannies.