Throwback Thursday: Flotilla DeBarge


As some may know, when I first moved to NYC, I moved here to be a professional dancer. It was a tough life for sure. But, one of my early jobs was dancing back-up for a female impersonator by the name of Lypsinka (a LEGENDARY drag performer). Well, for one of our performances, Lypsinka had a host of back-up characters for one of our shows. And, this is how I met and became friends with Flotilla DeBarge. Flo, who in his own right, is quite legendary himself. He was once featured in a Peta campaign portraying Star Jones. At any rate, Flo and I hit it off and we have been friends ever since. Finally, after begging many times, I convinced him to let me do a glamour shoot on him a few years ago. Flo is more of  an over the top type of gal. So, this shoot was really scaled down for him. Eventually, Flo would use this shot for many club appearances and shows throughout NYC.  Currently, Flo is in rehearsal for his Kwanzaa  Christmas Jamboree. Stay Tuned.


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