Throwback Thursday: Hurricane Irene


(Petter is wearing Buckler)

Well, I want to start off saying a prayer for all of you who might be without power and/or in need due to Hurricane Sandy. I have been blessed that I have had power and an abundance of food the entire time. Save for a few cell phone issues, I have been fine. But, this had me thinking to last years Hurricane. Ms. Hurricane Irene left Petter Hedman, a model with Major, trapped at my studio for two days. I opined about this situation on my blog before. But, I wanted to send out prayers to all in need due to the storm. As our President would say, reach out and volunteer if you are able to. Vote Vote Vote too.


This year? Well, I didn’t have anyone stranded. BUT, I did have a good friend stop by who did a drive-by during the Hurricane. Mr. Matt Atwater did his best Throwback to the 60’s in this Pucci inspired kaftan. We had some fun for sure. Thanks Matty. And, here is a farewell to you Hurricane Sandy. You were a real Motherf%@ker!




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