386 Manhattan Avenue


Recently, I shot Caspar Peteus of Q Models for a bohemian take on the gentrification of Harlem for the online magazine Fantastics Mag. Featuring the work of local fashion designers styled by Ford Artist Michael Fusco, I married Caspar’s eerie resemblance to Brad Pitt to the last hold out neighborhood in Harlem that still has some of  old New York’s grit. Thus, the title of my story called 386 Manhattan Avenue. It is where I live and shoot mostly. To see this story in full, please click here:  Fantastics Mag

I would like to thank designer Ninh Nguyen who always pulls through with some great clothes. And, of course, Mr. Wil Hill of Q, booker extraordinaire. I always tell Wil that he has the eyes of the industry. He found Caspar by chance. The kid rocked it out as my shots attest.  So, thanks to you too Caspar. And. thanks to my trusty team of Michael Fusco (stylist); Cory Bishop (hair and make-up); Rosco (the most operative dog EVER); and, finally, thanks to James Nixon (editor/publisher of Fantasics) for allowing me to shoot and create whatever I want.


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