On the Set: Andre Ziehe_Glamoholic Cover Shoot

I am never one to reveal of how the ‘magic’ is put together. But, I knew that the editor of Glamoholic was going to want a behind the scenes video of our covershoot. So, my good buddy Tim Wardell grabbed his handy cam and made magic. Thanks Tim for making the day fun. I never saw you with your camera once. So quiet you are.

And, of course, I never tire to thank the team: Bashar, editor of Glamoholic, your final edit MADE the video pop. Fusco (Michael), I am glad that we found each other again. Bishop (Cory), I will want your paint brushes and guns on the set any day. Andre Z has set the new standard of how a model should perform on set. He rocked 13 full looks from head to toe in less than 2 hours. Now, run and tell yo’ Mama about that.

Check out the video. If you blink, you might miss me in the shadows.


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