Month: October 2012

In honor of Hurricane Sandy . . .

I present 20 people by the window . . . a place none of us should be by during the storm. And, yes, I am bored. I am stuck in my studio with no one to shoot. And, I am plowing through my ‘survival’ food faster than Aretha Franklin at a fish fry. So, these 20 are for you Sandy. Bring it on.



And, yes, before anyone questions, one shot is mixed with a flash and daylight. So, yes, it is by the window in natural light AND a mix.

New Face: Chase


I guess Chase is really an old face. I shot this so long a go.  As my friends tell me, I shoot too much. And, sometimes, I never use most of the images that I shoot. Not that I am complaining.  But, this shoot was styled Michael Stallings. It was a fun day from what I recall. And, Chase? I never found out what happened to him. So, here is a cyber toast to you Chase.  At any rate, I am getting ready for Sandy to come over . . . the hurricane that is.

From the Wall . . .

Just a lazy Friday. Took some random snaps of the Wall for shits and giggles. Happy Friday.



Gian Luca, Warren, Franco, Troy, Gregory & Rich