Drive-by_EY Magateen Edition


My Friend Brian ‘drove by’ The 386 to see little ole me on a beautiful summer night as we count down to Fall. I have shot Brian so many times that I wanted to mix it up. So, I have this t-shirt that says ‘Teens Do It’. I know; I know. It sounds a bit raunchy. But, it came for free with the purchase of the current EY Magateen. The magazine is a brilliant mix of just where the line tows of right and wrong. I love it. At any rate, I have been trying to find the right person to shoot this t shirt on. And, finally, after some coaxing, I got Brian to wear it. And, in the tradition of Luis Venegas, I wanted the look to be a bit edgy with a touch of porno chic. And, with Brian’s angelic Latino face mixed with that gaze of sex appeal, I believe mission accomplished. Thanks to Brian for playing along. And, hey, maybe I have a theme here . . . . hmmmmmmmm.  Anybody else wanna shoot in this t-shirt?


Happy Hump Day.




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