The D Collection by Troy Smith Lookbook

A while back  I shot a look book featuring the sartorial designs of Mr. Troy D. Smith of the D Collection for Urban Outfitters.  And, finally, the images have made their way to his buyers. Also, We made a video treatment of my photographs scored by a new hip-hop artist called LE1F. If you don’t know this cat, google him.  And, to add to our melange was uber masculine Jay Parks. Let me be the first to say it again: All Hail the return of the ‘Man’ to male modeling. The D Collection aesthetic is attainable fashion at a reasonable price. The D Collection are the coats that should be in every man’s wardrobe. Traditional, iconic and understated. Here are a few images from that day. But, please check Youtube for the video. It seems that will no longer allow video uploads without paying a whopping $99 fee  for their ‘video upgrade’. ( Shame on you WordPress for changing your plan without telling your customers.)

Follow this link to the video:

Thanks to Troy and Jay. It was an awesome day. And, keep your eyes peeled for a behind the scenes upcoming editorial on the shoot too.


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