Color Color Castillo

My buddy Jhanelle and I shot a little something something before he and Ms. Nina(his better half) fled for the sunny state of California. As most of you who may know my work, I am more of a black and white portrait photographer. But, this summer I have been really working on honing my skills in shooting color. Now, mind you, I shoot in RAW but only in monochrome. I don’t like seeing my images in color. I never have. However, I see the image in color once I upload into Photo shop. But, I continue to process the contrasts and tones for black and white. I love A LOT of saturation that is what I am learning. So, of late, I have felt a bit more comfortable shooting and posting more color images. Here are two types of edits. Nothing too drastic from past images. But, now, I am seeing more consistency in post. Thoughts? Just curious. Otherwise enjoy the beautiful sight of Mr. Castillo.

Happy Tuesday. Thanks J. And, give Ms. Nina a big ole sloppy kiss on the cheek for me.


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