Editorial Feature: Instinct (SID Magazine)

I have had a very fortunate year for magazine commissions. And, so far, my favorite shoot of the year is my editorial with the legendary Scott Barnhill (Major). If you do not know who Scott is, please google his name. His work is endlessly iconic.  So, when I was asked to shoot for SID, there was only one man that I wanted. So, the theme for this issue was called ‘ANIMAL’. Seemed simple enough. However, the catch was that I was directed NOT to use any animals or animal print to tell my story. Or, be too obvious. So, I shot Scott as if he were a cat that was able to be human for one day. With Scott’s features, the idea was believable at best. Also, let’s just say, thank God that Scott was not lactose intolerant.

So, my thank you’s go out to: Carlton Jones(stylist) who can pull looks together in a flash. And, an all around creative genius. Josh Ristaino for hair and make-up. Josh ended up being double booked and turned Scott OUT. Seamless. My trusty assistant Jonathan Reis who I would be completely out of my mind lost without. Jacinto, Carlton’s assistant, worked together for the 1st time. Let’s do it again my friend. Greg Kitchen (studio owner of Greg’s Kitchen where we shot) for shuffling times around to accommodate my schedule. And, finally, to Scott who left his ego at the door and came ready to work. MANY OF YOU YOUNG MODELS could learn a thing or 9 from Scott. Thank you Scott. And, check out his band too. They are called Alvin and The 1015. He is quite the musician to boot.

And, as always, thanks to Sylvester at SID. Positive feedback and guidance are key. Thank you for your words. Please support print magazines. You can find SID online and at newsstands globally. Happy Thursday Peeps.


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