Month: July 2012

Drive-by_Jhanelle Castillo


Busy is not even the word. I mean SERIOUSLY busy. It is all good as they say. Much to catch up on. But, in the midst of life’s drama, a very good friend of mine dropped by and paid me a visit. JC and I broke into Morningside Park, dodged the police and got these shots. All in the name of The Drive-by. And, my need to get OUT of my studio. Who is next to stop by The Harlem Studio? hmmmmmmmmm


Friday, July 20, 2012

(Chris Moore_Wilhelmina)

I have spent most of this past week under the weather. Maybe Batman can save me, no? Happy Friday Evening and bonne sante!

Editorial Feature: Instinct (SID Magazine)

I have had a very fortunate year for magazine commissions. And, so far, my favorite shoot of the year is my editorial with the legendary Scott Barnhill (Major). If you do not know who Scott is, please google his name. His work is endlessly iconic.  So, when I was asked to shoot for SID, there was only one man that I wanted. So, the theme for this issue was called ‘ANIMAL’. Seemed simple enough. However, the catch was that I was directed NOT to use any animals or animal print to tell my story. Or, be too obvious. So, I shot Scott as if he were a cat that was able to be human for one day. With Scott’s features, the idea was believable at best. Also, let’s just say, thank God that Scott was not lactose intolerant.

So, my thank you’s go out to: Carlton Jones(stylist) who can pull looks together in a flash. And, an all around creative genius. Josh Ristaino for hair and make-up. Josh ended up being double booked and turned Scott OUT. Seamless. My trusty assistant Jonathan Reis who I would be completely out of my mind lost without. Jacinto, Carlton’s assistant, worked together for the 1st time. Let’s do it again my friend. Greg Kitchen (studio owner of Greg’s Kitchen where we shot) for shuffling times around to accommodate my schedule. And, finally, to Scott who left his ego at the door and came ready to work. MANY OF YOU YOUNG MODELS could learn a thing or 9 from Scott. Thank you Scott. And, check out his band too. They are called Alvin and The 1015. He is quite the musician to boot.

And, as always, thanks to Sylvester at SID. Positive feedback and guidance are key. Thank you for your words. Please support print magazines. You can find SID online and at newsstands globally. Happy Thursday Peeps.

A push for light_Midnight Portraits


My first sitter for a midnight portrait_Jarrod D. I pushed my camera to t0 6,400 iso (I can see the pearl clutching now from other photographers). But, I when I tell you that there was no light, there was NONE. And, I really really wanted to shoot in this cabbage patch in the middle of Morningside Park. And, oh yeah, I left my tripod back at the studio (el stupido). I kind of like all of that colorization and noise. Thoughts?

Summer Friday, July 6, 2012


All this heat made me think of something cool: Rodrigo Braga (wearing Epperson from head to toe in this photograph). I never got to say congrats to Rodrigo on his new campaign for Givenchy. I am sure that there will be more to come. Happy Friday Trannies.

Unbelievably cool and Impossibly sexy . . . Greg Kheel


What else is there to say? Greg in two at night in Central Park with my trusty ring flash. What you can’t see in this photo is how HOT it was. And, it was mosquitoville out there too. Sporting some clothes from Joe Fresh and H & M, Greg kept it fun and breezy (in the heat). Thanks Greg (Ford NYC). Go kill’em in Bali.

In his eyes _ Joey Gorgol

Happy 3rd of July . . . doesn’t have the same ring does it? I shot Joey G using a Canon 5D MkII camera. I used a large Lite Dome soft box with a Profoto monolight. Yes, this is a digital photograph with some minor photoshopping for post. And, yes, I can shoot  on film the same way too. Now, that I have said all of that, I feel like a ‘real’ photographer. Oh boy. Enjoy this beautiful sunny day. I am about to for sure.