The Rhythm King featuring RJ King


So, finally, my little story with Mr. RJ King in this month’s Homme Style Magazine is available on newsstands. And, I am pleased with the results for a change. When I am shooting fashion, I tend to gravitate towards the English Boy trench look. I don’t know why. But, I do. So, when Adrian Manuel (AWESOME stylist) and I were collaborating, I knew that I wanted a story that was not mired in that look. And, because it was the Youth Issue, I wanted the look to be light/fun/immediate. We arrived at high end urban wear. It complemented my dance story. Also,  When Homme Style Magazine commissioned me to shoot this story, they also wanted an explanation for why I shot the story that I did. I will not go into details here.  But, my response to them is in the story. So, please support Homme Style Magazine.   And, as always, I am honored to be asked to shoot and have my voice heard. Thanks to my team that day (Leslie Espinosa_hair/make-up; Adrian Manuel_styling; Jonathan Reis_my assistant). Also, a special thank you to Champion Studios for giving us a HUGE break on the studio space.

But, the biggest thanks goes to Eddie Villanueva who pulled together part of his dance troupe to back-up dance RJ (I LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for RJ). Thank you so much Eddie. It made the shoot fantastic. And, I think RJ might have picked up some moves too. And, to RJ, you should be a movie star. Seriously. Happy Hump Day Everybody.


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