New Photos up on my website . . .

And, A Drive-by of Mr. Zach King too . . .

Yes,  I am trying to update my website. And, no, you will NOT find these two images on there. But, maybe one day. Please, check out my new album that I am calling WHITE. Not sure about it. Also, I have taken down some of my less fortunate work of yesteryear. This has been EXHAUSTING to say the least. But, it must be done. At least, I had a trusty side kick yesterday who helped out. Thanks Zach. It was great seeing you. He is seriously Benjamin Button. He keeps getting younger looking as he gets older. He is in his twenties people. WTF???!! Please, pass that glass of water this direction.

Happy Monday. It is the summer. Let’s start having some fun and lighten up people. It is fashion. Not the end of the world. (And, check out my new work on my website too.)


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