Month: June 2012

Summer Fridays, June 29, 2012

The keyword for the summer: FOCUS

See you soon Toby. You are the funniest motherf**ker that I have ever met. And, for me, let the summer begin. Quality shoots mixed with some ‘me’ time for a change. Happy Friday Trannies.


A little something extra designed by Tobias. Fun, huh?



Adrian Cardoso and Travis Smith Preview


The new Collezioni Uomo is out on newsstands. Finalemente! Here is a quick preview of some of the images that I took that beautiful sunny day back in April. Styled by the venerable Giorgio Ammirabile, this is a must see. Check it out. And, thanks to Adrian Cardoso (Wilhelmina) and Travis Smith (DNA) for a great day of shooting. Once I can get a good digital file, I will put up a few tears.  Happy Tuesday.

Summer Friday_June 22, 2012

Summer is officially here bringing 97 degrees of hot sunshine and flip flops to Manhattan. You’ve gotta love it. Enjoy the weekend. And, enjoy this out take from one of my favorite shoots of the year. There is nothing like seeing Rodrigo Calazans smile in person. It is firebrand that will make you melt. With his Brazilian ‘je ne sais quoi’ and his jovial spirited personality, this photograph of Rodrigo is a perfect kick off to the weekend. Happy Friday and Happy Pride.

Casting Call that turned into a Drive-by: Thomas of Adam



It is Thursday. And, the shows are about to start in Milano and Paris. So, here stateside, life goes on. We are still working. So, I met this stunning kid a few days ago. It was just a casting that turned into a Drive-by. I did multiple looks. But, due to the weather, I thought that maybe a speedo shot would be most apropos. Yeah, that is what I thought. Thanks Kevin for sending Thomas my way. And, Happy Thursday Trannies.


P.S. And, this is how he cleaned up.


WALL of FAME_June 18, 2012

Well, I had quite a week. I shot too much (could that ever be possible). So, here is a quick post of some of the chaps that passed my way over the past week or month or two months . . . you get the picture.


Connor_RED NYC






Happy Monday

SNAPSHOT: Tyler Brager . . .

Hailing from 100 Mile House, Canada (yep, that is the city name; and, we are hicks in America?), Tyler is spending a very hot day in the sun with me. Here is a snapshot of our day . . . . so far. Tyler is with DNA. And, he has an obsession with Lindsay Lohan . . . just saying.