Baby Marcus . . .

When Cindy Crawford came along, she was given the moniker ‘Baby Gia’ named after the tragic supermodel Gia Garangi. As we all know, Cindy Inc. dominated for years (and, still has a presence). The male equivalent to Cindy C back in the day was the enviable Marcus Schenkenberg. With his long hair and chiseled Adonis frame, Marcus has reigned supreme as the supermodel with long hair to beat. However, there is a new kid in town: Travis Smith (Next). This Hawaiian beauty has been featured here before. But, I wanted to share with you our tribute to Mr. Schenkenberg which I call lovingly call ‘Baby Marcus’.

Travis preened, stalked, disrobed and ‘carried on’ as the downtown queens would say in front of my camera. We shot so much that there is no room to even show everything here.  Without Marcus, there would be no Travis. So, this was our homage to Mr. S. Thanks Marcus for your beauty and continued contribution to Men’s fashion. But, also, congrats to Travis, the new guard, on booking his first major campaign of his career. Stay tuned.


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